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Joba or Gaudin (or CC again)?

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If Joe Girardi plans on using his starters on normal rest in the ALCS, he'll need a fourth, because game four is only four days after game one. Should he start Sabathia on short rest, or go with another option and let CC go on normal rest in game five?

The 'other option' would be either Joba Chamberlain, Chad Gaudin or (just maybe) Alfredo Aceves. Joba has done well in the playoffs so far, but he hasn't thrown more than 17 pitches in a game since his last start on September 30th. On the other hand, Chad Gaudin hasn't thrown at all since October 3rd (and hasn't started since September 28th).

Perhaps the most sensible option is to 'play it by ear.' In other words, if Sabathia has a relatively easy game one and can be taken out before 100 pitches, Girardi may feel more comfortable starting him again on short rest. But if CC takes part in a tense pitcher's duel, where his pitch-count is high and every AB is stressful, Joe may go with Joba/Gaudin in game four. Then again, if the Yankees are losing 3-0 or 2-1 heading into the fourth game, Girardi may feel a need to use his ace no matter what the circumstances.