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Yankees 4, Twins 1: 8 Wins 'til the Promised Land

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Allow me to begin by praising Andy Pettitte.  They Yankees' long drought of postseason success came for lack of starting pitching.  These are not those Yankees.

Pettitte was brilliant, matching zeroes with Carl Pavano for 5 innings before the Machine Mauer singled in Minnesota's lone run.  Andy worked out of it, and he recorded an out in the 7th before giving way to Joba Chamberlain.

In all, the Yankees starters allowed 3 earned runs over 19 innings of work.

Joba and Hughes both looked human tonight.  Human, but effective.  Each recorded 2 outs, facing 3 and 4 batters respectively.

Arod and Posada were the only ones able to get to Carl Pavano, but they did just what we wanted and took him yard (after we moved to a new game thread).  The Yankees never looked back.

The ninth was especially joyous as 3 straight Yankees walked before Joe Nathan arrived on the mound.  The 2 insurance runs weren't really necessary, but oh they felt good.

Comment of the night:

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