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The View from Section 419

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So... did you catch the game last night?

We sat in 419, the top section up behind home plate.  

It was a group bonding experience.  The stranger behind us correct identified a man two rows up as "the dude who used to wear the squirrel hat."  We traded more high fives over the course of 11 innings than any group of people since Michael Cotter.

AJ was an escape artist all night, getting some big Ks and one really fortunate baserunning blunder to keep him out of trouble.

There was a Twins fan who must have left her seat at least 3 times, and she finally left for good in the bottom of the 8th.  She had something snide to say to the guy behind us, so I couldn't resist.  I said, "So that's why you're leaving before the come back?"  She said, "Yeah right."

When Tex got on in the ninth, the Stadium was pulsing with energy.  Throughout the game, the crowd cheered every long fly.  But when Arod hit it, we did know if it was really enough, and it was like the whole place held its breath.  But the ball kept carrying, and then we jumped up and down like we'd just been called to Come on Down for the Price is Right.

The crowd was strangely quiet while the Yankees pitched.  It's interesting that sound crew doesn't use any of the canned noise while we're on defense even though the crowd is quiet, but then when we're hitting and the crowd starts its own chants they drown us out.

I'm still not sure how D-Rob got out of that mess that Marte put him in.  I was trying to get a "Mark Teixeira" chant rolling for his defense when he stung that pitch over the left field wall.  It's all delirium from there.