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Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina

Two years ago, Mike Mussina signed a two-year deal for $11 million per year for the simple reason that he refused to play for less than Carl Pavano earned for not playing.

This year, Andy Pettitte can't really make a similar argument.  The pitchers who figure to make more than he figures to recorded 230+ Ks last season.

And to add insult to (shoulder) injury, the Yankees are calling his bluff on those rumors of a multi-year deal.

According to Joel Sherman:

The organization is now strongly inclined to lower the $10 million offer that the lefty already has been resistant to all offseason...

The Yanks have felt justified to cut the salary because Pettitte struggled last year (14-14, 4.54 ERA), had shoulder issues, will turn 37 next season and - in general - salaries are coming in far lower than anticipated in the current economic climate.

I know Teixeira was introduced today.

I know the Yankees signed a former ROY (sic) to fight Cory Ransom for the utility infielder job, an outfielder to fight for a spot as break-glass-in-emergency bat, and a pitcher to fight for the spot of last-guy-before-Igawa III.  But Andy Pettitte, especially the Yankees treatment of Andy Pettitte, will be the big news in my corner of the YankeeUniverse for a while.

You can argue Andy was overpaid last season (I agree).  You can moralize that Andy should, at least, been upfront with the front office about his PED connections even though there had been stories for years previously (I alternate between moral outrage and apathetic resignation).  You can wax nostalgic over championships (I surely do).

But this makes twice that the Yankees have disregarded Andy Pettitte.  I hope it's not twice we're burned by it.