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Worst announcer in sports?

Yahoo gives it to Billy Packer, but my vote goes to Joe Buck, and they phrase it perfectly:

Alternating between dull and sanctimonious, Buck is a crotchety curmudgeon trapped in a younger man's body. When he's not draining the life out of the greatest moments in modern sports [Jim Leyritz' homer, Tyree's Helmet Catch, etc.], he's lecturing us on the sad state of the NFL.

And amazingly, the Yankees have a plethora of their own awful announcers - John Sterling, Michael Kay and Suzyn Waldman could all be on this list. Why'd they get rid of Charlie Steiner in the first place? He was great.


- In your daily 'Yankee Years' update, Tom Verducci did an interview with Sports Illustrated, and Larry King interviewed Joe Torre.