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Red Sox sale, ticket prices, and more book details

The New York Times has put up its stake in the Red Sox for sale. You could buy it for about $200 million.


- Apparently the economy is having an effect on ticket prices at the new Stadium. According to Michael Hershfield of, prices for opening day have dropped 65% since January 6.


- Johnny Damon was not always the great teammate we thought he was:

Interesting stuff on Pages 394 and 395 about Johnny Damon's physical and emotional struggles early in the 2007 season, when a leg injury sapped him of his enthusiasm and he began to annoy old-guard Yankees.

In a private meeting, Torre told Damon, "The kind of player you've been your whole life is the player who goes out there and fully commits himself. You're not that kind of person now. It's easy to see that."

To which Damon said, "I'm not sure I want to do this."

The book says one teammate visited Torre and was near tears discussing Damon, saying, "Let's get rid of him. Guys can't stand him."

All this was during the Yankees' near-fatal 21-29 start.


(h/t to BBTF)