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Joba set to throw

He'll head to Tampa tomorrow to throw 25 fastballs off a mound. He's relieved that his role is "all settled." It's exciting - the season is getting closer...

- Rivera and Posada should be ready for opening day. Who is more important? My vote goes to Posada, as we have a slew of quality relievers and a big void at catcher.

- Chase Wright was designated for assignment to make room for Andy Pettitte. With his return, I'm feeling a lot more confident about our chances. The Yankees probably have the best 5-man rotation in MLB right now. Is anyone better?

- More Torre fallout:

"I'm comfortable with what I contributed to the book" [Torre said], "even though I'm probably going to get more credit or more blame than I deserve, whichever way you want to look at it."

He is quoted in the book's text: "Alex monopolized all the attention. I don't think that's important. We never really had anybody who craved the attention." Torre also noted that at one point, he had to remind Rodriguez to get his own clubhouse coffee once in a while just to be more like the rest of his teammates.