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Another CF Trade Proposal

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With Alfonso Soriano signed through 2014 at roughly $18M per, Kosuke Fukudome through 2011 for $13M, and the ink not dry yet on Milton Bradley's 3 years and $30M, the Cubs have three expensive starters on the roster.  And that could be a problem for Joey Gathright and Reed Johnson.

The depth charts list Fukudome as the starting CF, with Johnson and Gathright below him.

The Cubs just signed Gathright, and even then speculation was that Felix Pie would be traded, Bradley would be signed, and Fukudome would play center. 

So that leaves Reed Johnson making a very reasonable $3M.

You might remember Johnson from his days with the Jays.  The 32 year-old righty is a powerful platoon player.   He slugged .333/.399/.449 against southpaws last season; he still managed a respectable (compared to our other options) .280/.323/.398 line.  His 2007 splits were even more pronounced: .325/.381/.532 vs. .202/.275/.237.

The question is, as always, what would the Cubs want in return?  Obviously, their outfield depth at the corners is equal to the Yanks, so swapping Nady for Johnson is out.

In the 'pen, righties Kevin Gregg and Carlos Marmol will duke it out for the 8th and 9th innings, so our power arms aren't a match.  Maybe a lefty like Chase Wright or Phil Coke would be appealing?

As an added wrinkle, the Cubs have a budding All-Star behind the plate in ROY Geovany Soto.  He, obviously, is untouchable.  But that means that tops prospects like AA catcher Welington Castillo.  John Sickles calls Castillo a strong defender who might project as a Miguel Olivo.

Would it be easier or harder to build a match with the Cubbies for the MLB CF and the MiLB C?