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Mitchell Report loses more credibility

[Kurt] Radomski alleges that Mitchell proactively brought up a number of big-name players, without Radomski first mentioning them. Mitchell denies it.

Remember, of course, that Radomski is far and away the most important person in The Mitchell Report. Brian McNamee is in The Mitchell Report only because Radsomki made that happen.

So here, essentially, is what Mitchell's office is saying now: "Please believe Kirk Radomski when he says something that makes us look good. But please don't believe him when he says something that makes us look bad."

- brought to you by Ken Davidoff

Outside of that, I just can't get over the fact that George Mitchell is a freakin' director for the Red Sox. It's like having Bill Gates investigate the computer industry - Microsoft's probably coming out looking good while the competitors don't.