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Notable Spring Training Invites

The full list is available at LoHud.

Angel Berroa- he figures to be 'merely' the backup infielder, but he's the strongest backup plan the Yanks have had in the infield since... gulp... Miguel Cairo in 2004?

Ramiro Pena- the Yanks will never (I hope) have a shot at a David Price in the MLB Draft.  Instead they sign non-draft Latinos, and some, like Pena, blossom into decent prospects.  BA calls him the Yanks' best infielder.  His bat is still a ways from MLB ready.

John Rodriguez and Todd Linden- look for one of these guys to be released and the other to play in Scranton.

Shelley Duncan- Remember when Duncan was the "first baseman of the future."  That was last January.  I kid, I kid.  

Sergio Mitre- I'd honestly forgotten that the Yanks snatched up Mitre.  My math could be off, but I don't expect him to pitch more than a handful of innings this season, let alone pitch any innings for the big league club.

Mark Melancon- the electric reliever will end the Joba debate once and for all around July, and when Joba moves to the bullpen again in August, they will create the sort of dominant bridge to Mariano that we remember the Stanton-Nelson being.