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Bobby Abreu

While the blood dries on the corpse of 2008, I've been thinking about Bobby Abreu.  And the more I think about it, the more I think the Yankees are bringing him back.

First, it seems like it would take a perfect storm to lure Cashman to Seattle.  First, a team headed by current Phillies GM Pat Gillick would have to purchase the club, and contingent on that deal current Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln would have to quit because Gillick and Lincoln hate each other.  Then Cashman, a big Gillick fan, would have to be hired by the M's.  

I call it a perfect storm because the sale and takeover would have to take place in a matter of days after the end of the season so that the Mariners, Phillies, and eventually the Yankees, could go on the market and find new GMs.  When you factor in the time Cash has put into this organization, his previous, successful power struggles, he has the people he wants in key positions here, and he's just starting to see the fruit of his labors down on the farm I don't see any way he could leave.  Toss, history, glory, money on top of all that.

But then again, I might be a little biased pro-Yankee.

With Cashman back in the fold, take a look at how this season is playing out- Nady in left, Damon in center, Abreu in left.  The plan was to move Nady to right next season and let Abreu walk, but that's when Melky Cabrera was still the centerfielder.  So the Yanks need to find a CF or a corner OF on the market.

I tell ya, there's nothing in free agency that I'd want on my team.  Do you want to take a shot at Rocco Baldelli or Juan Rivera?

So I think Bobby Abreu is returning, despite potential draft picks, declining skills, and fear of the wall.

I might be crazy, but I think I'm right.