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There are some that want him traded while some retain hope that he will blossom into a great hitter. I'm in the latter camp and here's why:

- He maintained the same line drive rate that he's had during his career (slightly higher actually, 19.4 % vs. 19.1 % career).

- His BABIP was uncharacteristically low (.286 vs. .323 career mark). Factoring that in with the line drive rate indicates that he was rather unlucky this season.

- He hit less grounders and more flyballs this year, which usually leads to greater power (though it has yet to show up).

- After Cano was benched/changed his stance, he hit .413/.431/.587 in his last 51 plate appearances (for what it's worth).

- He still plays quality defense. While his Zone Rating was below average, his Range Factor and FRAA (Fielding Runs Above Average) were above.

- And perhaps the biggest factor of all: he'll be just 26 next season, still not in the (historically speaking) prime of his career.


So what (if anything) should be done about him?



PS: Mo decided to have shoulder surgery (which will occur on October 6th) rather than cortisone shots, and is expected to be ready for spring training.


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