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Who's your horse now?

Mine's the Cubs and Phils.

I like Sweet Lou, and if there's any team that deserves to win it all, it's the (arguably) lovable Cubbies.

It's pretty simple why the Phils are number two. I live in Philly and would like to experience the excitement of this town when the baseball team does well. It's first and foremost a football (Eagles) town, so I'd like to see what would happen if baseball fever took over. They won the division last year but got swept in the LDS. A trip to the LCS would be a lot of fun (I have a bar next door).


FYI: the White Sox will host the Tigers at 2 p.m. because Chicago trails Minnesota by a half game. If the Sox win, they will host Minnesota in a one-game playoff for the AL Central title on Tuesday.