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Why Missing the Playoffs May Be a Good Thing

Easy, everyone. I know the fat lady hasn't spontaneously broken out in a death-dirge, just yet, but she is certainly warming up her pipes in the basement--right next to my crazy aunt.

Like so many fans, this has been a real yo-yo diet of a year. The Yankees take two steps forward, and then three back; one step forward, one step back. This edition of the Yankees has touched all of my emotions--many times in the same game. But when it's all over, and the fat lady does sing, I'm hoping we do the right thing--evaluate the talent pool free from pennant fever.

To this end, Tim Marchman of the NY Sun wrote an article this morning that puts into words my thoughts for the rest of the season. Fat Lady Singing the Pinstripe Blues.

Let's be realistic about 2008, and take a careful look at what we have, what we need and what we need to get rid of before Spring Training.