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Stadium Thoughts ...

With only a few games remaining, and big events planned for a final send off, I thought we at Pinstripe Alley should recount and relive some of our fondest, funniest, saddest, moments at the grande old house that Babe built, and King George remodeled.

I'm encouraging everyone to weigh-in and share some memories. I think it will help take the sting out of this season, and really give people who haven't experienced Yankee Stadium a portal that they wouldn't otherwise have...

That said, I'll begin.

I have many great stories from meeting Phil Rizzuto, to trying on Mrs. Berra's World Series ring, stealing a baseball from Wilbur Wood and Vada Pinson to having Ken Phelps back into my car after a game ...

But my biggest moment came way back in 1971 when my dad took me to my very first Yankees game. It was Os vs. Yankees, and Danny Cater singled past Marcelino Lopez to win the game. I must tell you I was hooked from the moment I walked through the tunnel and saw the green grass. All these many years later, I can close my eyes and drift back to that special night--my dad completely blitzed to the heavens by the fourth inning; me at 9, smoking some ganga with a latino friend, Luis.
Good times!

What's your greatest memories. We want to hear them!