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At least there's one good team in the organization

Scranton won the Governor's Cup, destroying the Durham Bulls 20-2. Phil Hughes started and went just five, but struck out (a ridiculous) 12 batters. Only three outs were not strikeouts against him. Juan Miranda was the offensive hero, going 3-5 with a home run and six RBI. They will play either the Oklahoma Red Hawks or the Sacramento River Cats for the Triple-A title in a one game 'Bricktown Showdown' (Tuesday, 8 p.m., ESPN2).

  • Instant replay can't and shouldn't be stopped. Hopefully within five years, replay will be available for every out/safe call. And the natural conclusion would be to use a system like ESPN's 'K-Zone' or FOX's 'Pitch Tracker' to determine balls and strikes. They have zero bias with total and complete fairness. No more Greg Maddux getting a larger strike zone or David Ortiz getting the benefit of every close call; and any slowing down of games would be negligible at most.
  • Carl Bialik takes an in-depth look at the age old question: is Arod clutch? To paraphrase: not at all this year and average for his career. Sounds about right.