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Gangsta style!

Alfredo Aceves (aka The Mexican Gangster) rocked the house tonight: 7 ip, 5 h, 1 er, 0 bb, 2 k. The best part was the zero walks, which was his MO coming up through the minors. He has a 1.29 ERA in 14 innings. He'll (deservedly) be in the mix next year for a rotation spot.

Derek Jeter passed another milestone, breaking Babe Ruth's record for hits as a Yankee. Only Lou Gehrig has more now. Congrats to Derek who will certainly go down as one of the greatest Yankee legends ever.

Six of the seven runs were scored on home runs: two from Damon and one from Arod.


- Surprisingly, Damaso Marte is a Type-A free agent. Should the Yanks offer him arbitration in the hopes of acquiring a couple top draft picks? Is it worth the risk that he would accept?


- Sky Kalkman thinks the Yankees should not trade Robbie Cano. He's right, and frankly, the Yanks should let Robbie hit higher in the order this month. What's to lose? Hopefully he'll get some confidence hitting amongst Arod, Jeter and co. and get used to being a run producer. His ceiling's been said to be a #3 hitter. Why not start now?


- Scranton scored two runs in the bottom of the 9th to take a 1-0 series lead over Durham in the IL finals. Chase Wright actually out-pitched 2007 #1 overall pick David Price.

- Trenton also won it's first game (in the EL finals), 3-1 over Akron.


- Check out the crazy Tampa-Boston game. I don't like either team, but if I have to choose one to win the division, I'll take Tampa. That trade for Randy Johnson ain't looking so good.