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Joba out with 'stiff shoulder'

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As you all know by now, Joba Chamberlain was removed in the 5th inning tonight after he suffered from some stiffness in his right shoulder. 

He will head back to NY for further tests, so we'll find out the details tomorrow.

Contrary to the report on, Joba himself stated on the YES postgame that the bunt fiasco in which he ducked out of the way of an oncoming missle thrown from Pudge had nothing to do with the injury.

A couple of positive notes from the clubhouse:

Girardi doesn't believe the injury is serious but essentially admitted that Joba's not bloody likely to make his next start on Saturday against the Angels and a DL stint seems likely.  So it appears that Ian Kennedy might pitch this weekend after all.

Also, Joba said that he never lost his velocity during the 5th inning - which is a very good sign - and the stiffness he felt was actually below the shoulder and more of a muscular problem.

I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I don't care how long Joba has to be shut down as long as he comes back 100% healthy.  The Yankees are going to be extra cautious with the jewel of their franchise and will not take any chances with that kid's future.

Winning in 2008 would be great.  But Joba's health and long term future is far more important.

We'll find out more tomorrow and hope for the best.