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Bullpen thoughts

Should 'Double-A' be the nickname for Alfredo Aceves? Or has he already been dubbed the 'Mexican Gangster'? What a debut for him - that's what I'm taking out of this game. We all knew it was over when Toronto scored four; there was no way we were scoring four off Cy Young-candidate Roy Halladay.

Anyway, Aceves is 25 years old, and was signed out of the Mexican League in February. Today he showed a full starter's arsenal - he had great command of at least four pitches: fastball, slider, curve and changeup (and may have mixed in a sinker and cutter). Last but not least, his fastball topped out at 94 mph. I don't recall any scouting report saying that. He literally pounded the strike zone, throwing 17 of 19 pitches for strikes - in two perfect innings, he struck out three. Anyone that doesn't want him taking Ponson or Rasner's spot next time?

Nearly as impressive (and I've thought so for years) has been Toronto's Brandon League (the guy who looks kind of like Dean Cain). He throws high 90s sinkers with regularity (and has a ridiculous groundball rate of 64%). His stuff is just filthy. His biggest problem has been control and staying healthy, but when/if he becomes a free agent (he's just 25), the Yanks should sign him.


- Rosters expand to 40 players tomorrow, so we can expect to see Joba and Melky added back to the team.