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Yanks don't take advantage

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They faced a lineup without Mike Lowell and JD Drew, and Tim Wakefield instead of Josh Beckett, but still lost by four runs.

What can one say about Pettitte and Arod? They both sucked tonight (although Andy did have to work through a tiny strike zone early in the game). In just five at-bats, Arod accounted for seven outs (two Ks and two GDPs with seven runners left on base). He has two RBI in the 8th and 9th innings this year - and it's not a small sample: 83 plate appearances (hat tip to BBTF). For comparison, Melky has five RBI (in 89 PA).


- Elsewhere, Kenny Rogers continues to show that he's a douche bag, accusing MLB of cow-towing to the Yankees by starting instant replay this week.

"I don't like it," Rogers said after MLB announced Tuesday that instant replay will start being used this week. "I think that it overshot the mark by far just because, what, in a Yankee game someone didn't get a homer? Please. It's happened thousands of times. That's part of the game. It's the beauty of the game. Mistakes are made."

According to Rogers, officiating mistakes are not just part of the game, but beautiful?! What is this puritanical thinking that makes it seem like poor officiating is somehow integral to baseball? Or that it's even a good thing? It's just a poor excuse for incompetent officiating.

That said, I do think MLB is rushing this. While I completely agree with using video review, they seem so intent on getting it up and running as fast as possible that they could very well be overlooking the aspect of making the system work smoothly.


- Remember CJ Henry, the main piece in the Bobby Abreu trade? His baseball career is over as he's gone back to college to play basketball for Memphis.