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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

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Exhibit A via LoHud:

Pre-game question to Joe Girardi: “Marte has thrown 12 pitches in the last nine days, you haven’t used him much. Is he OK physically?”

Answer: “Oh, he’s fine. I had him up last night. Physically he’s OK.”

Question: “It seems strange because he hasn’t pitched much.”

Answer: “No, no. It’s just when the situation presents itself.”

Question to Marte after the game: “You had a few days off, did you feel strong today?”

Answer: “I did. For the last week I’ve had inflammation in my elbow. That has been bothering me. I needed a break.”

Is it possible that Joe G thinks his life is a sitcom?  Does he pause after saying things like this to wait for the laughtrack?

Exhibit B:

Tigers Thoughts projects the Elias rankings.

Pudge is on the cutoff from A to B, so he'd need a strong finish to net a pair of draft picks.  Abreu is a lock for an A, but a weak finish by Giambi could drop him out of B status.

Exhibit C:

The Yankees are on pace to score 784 runs, down 184 from last season.

They're on pace to allow 726 runs, down only 51 from last season.