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Back to the Bullpen



I missed this yesterday, but it looks like Joba's return will involve setting up for Rivera. It's like 2007 all over again!  The more things change...

This won't reignite the "starter-reliever" debate, will it?

Personally,  I don't bring Joba back at all unless the Yanks win their next five in a row, while the Red Sox and Twins/White Sox struggle.  If we're not within 3 with 25 to play, let the kid sit and fully recover.

"We've always thought of him as a starter," manager Joe Girardi said Friday. "That's how I still think of him.
"There's not a lot of time to build up, so we might have to be creative how we build him up. ... We're not exactly sure how we're going to do it."

I don't want creative gambles in September 6 games out of the wild card.