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We've heard it before...

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... but this is now the front runner for worst loss of the season (in terms of ugliness). Sir Sidney lasted just two, allowing seven runs while Roy Halladay was his normal self, shutting down the Yanks for six innings before Hideki squeaked one over the right-field wall for a three-run shot.

But on to important matters: have you ever heard Michael Kay say 'If diving got you there faster, Olympic sprinters would do it,' usually after Melky Cabrera slides into first? Actually Michael, that doesn't hold any water. Sprinters don't do it because they run on a hard rubber track, which ain't exactly as forgiving as dirt. Furthermore, I have never seen any evidence to support his hypothesis, and in fact, the only evidence I've seen is contrary. Tonight for instance, did anyone catch the 400 meter sprint? Americans swept the medals, but the story as pertaining to this point is that the eventual Bronze medalist dove at the finish line. David Neville was trailing just behind a Bahaman runner and dove a few meters from the finish line, catapulting him from fourth to third. He knew it would hurt but did it anyway. He had to be attended by several medics after finishing (but said it was worth it). The point I'm trying to make is that Michael Kay is wrong, and should drop his incessant harping on certain catch phrases that he crowbars into his announcing ('See ya!' anyone?) and that maybe diving does get you there faster.


- Prospects are suspects is a saying my father-in-law always uses (quoting Brian Cashman) when talking about the young players. He prefers proven vets to potential stars.

Anyway, Boston had its rookies being lauded practically as future Hall of Famers in their first year (Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz). Now both are struggling mightily. Ellsbury is hitting .267/.330/.368 for an 81 OPS+. That's worse than Wilson Betemit. Buchholz has a 6.75 ERA and 1.76 WHIP, and after another horrible start, got demoted all the way to Double-A Portland.

I'm not going to say that they suck or anything because they don't. I just want to point out to my fellow Yankee fans that we're not the only team with struggling prospects. Patience is a virtue.