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Still in It

Baltimore beat Boston, while the Angels rallied against the Rays.

We're 5 back on the wild card with 36 to play.  We have to pick up a game a week.

Tonight Sir Sidney faces down Doc Halladay.

Daunting, but not impossible.  The good doctor has faced the Yankees more than any other team but Boston.  In 27 starts he's thrown 184.1IP, given up 166 hits and 44 base on balls to a stellar 2.88ERA.  My ray of hope is that his numbers against Boston have been nearly as pretty: 227IP, 244H, 56BB and a 4.51ERA.

Maybe tonight is the night the Yanks figure out Halladay and knock him out of the game in the third...

I know, I know- I dream too much.  But if the Yanks can pull out a win tonight I won't make any cracks about a lack of fight for the rest of the season.