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Which Giambi...

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... is the real one? The Giambi who hit .150/.317/.375 until May 4? Is it the one who hit .346/.461/.701 from May 4 to June 22? Or perhaps it's the Giambi that's hitting .214/.362/.397 since then.

Remember how fans were so quick to claim Jason Giambi was back in the midst of his hot streak? One could always see there would eventually be a backslide, and now there clearly is. It's reminiscent of Tino Martinez' last season with the Yanks, when he had ridiculous hot streaks where he carried the team for a week, followed by frigid cold streaks when he looked lost. Just another sign of an aging star.

Is the answer as simple as Mark Teixeira? He apparently wants a 10-year deal (Scott Boras is his agent), which sounds crazy for merely a very good player, not an all-time great like Arod (whose 10-year deal I also strongly disagree with). What happens to Posada when he can't catch anymore, or Arod when he can't play the field?