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Baltimore prize-pack giveaway on Pinstripe Alley!

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Hey Everyone,

The upcoming series in Baltimore is always a huge hit for fans traveling down from the tri-state area as well as folks like me traveling up from NC/VA and DC.

               Well for anyone planning on making the trip, PA is authorized to
               make it just alittle sweeter for someone. The National Aquarium
               in Baltimore is offering some great prizes, including:

               --A family four-pack of tickets to the National Aquarium
               --An overnight stay at one of three Harbor Magic Hotels

PA's highly qualified braintrust has put together a trivia contest and will randomly choose a winner from those submitting a correct answer. Note: The contest ends at 10am ET Thursday morning. We are asking only those on PA who are planning on attending the series to play.

Here's the question: Name the only Yankee to steal home twice in the same game? We need the player, and the date.