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One Reason for the Season

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Melky Cabrera's season seems to have ended with 401ABs and OPS+ of 69.

(OPS+ is OPS adjusted to the season average, so that the all time average is 100, a player with a 150 OPS+ is half again as productive as the average player).

So when was the last time the Yanks gave 400 ABs to a player with an OPS+ under 70?

First, a couple near misses:

AB OPS+ Season Team Record
Scott Brosius 470 70 2000 87-74

Joe Girardi

398 69 1997  96-66





And our winner, the shortstop for the 1990 Yankees, Alvaro Espinoza (.224/.258/.274, 50 OPS+, 1/2 SB/CS).  That year, the Yanks went 65-97.