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Girardi comes to his senses

Melky Cabrera was demoted to Scranton, Richie Sexson was released, and Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom were promoted. (Thanks to reader 'matthaggs' for the tip.)

This is the right move for Melky, who needs to get some confidence back (and re-learn how to hit). The Sexson move I don't understand, as he was hitting a solid .250/.371/.393 in 22 games.

  • Two Yankee scouts in Latin America were fired after supposedly skimming bonus money from Latin players. That's pretty low. To not only take money from these (formerly) poor teenage kids, but to (probably) inflate their value to their employer (the Yankees). That's stealing from both sides.
  • The signing of Gerrit Cole looks dead. The kid could be making a huge mistake. He can't enter the draft for another three years, yet could blow out his arm on his very next pitch.