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What to do about the offense?

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For the 50th time last night, the Yankees scored three runs or less, and for the 39th time, they scored two runs or less. They've accomplished those feats in 41% and 32% (respectively) of their total games.

They have a 15-35 record when scoring three or fewer runs, and a 10-29 record when scoring two or fewer runs.

Between 2006 and 2007, the Yanks tallied three or fewer runs 89 times (27%), for a 16-73 record, and two or fewer runs 67 times (21%), for a 10-57 record.

What this means is that our pitching has been considerably better this year, but our hitting has been considerably worse. Nothing earth-shattering in that statement.

So the question is: can anything be done to improve the offense this year? If not, what about next year?