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Instant replay on the horizon

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And it can't get here soon enough.

It's a step in the right direction for MLB, and something that will hopefully lead to even more calls being taken out of the hands of umpires. When human error is removed from officiating, the game will be that much better for it.

  • Kenny Phillips (of the New York Football Giants) is definitely confident, perhaps even cocky. Hopefully he finds the NFL as easy to adapt to as he found training camp.

I believe that our college camp at Miami was way hotter and harder than this. We were in full pads every day. I’m not saying this is easy but I could get used to this.

People told me that it was going to be a little tougher here. They said that the speed was going to change and this and that, that the guys are so much bigger and stronger. Honestly, I haven’t seen it. I feel like I can play on this level. Nothing’s really changed.

But at the same time, he's humble:

Moving onto the first team wasn’t something that I was forcing... I was comfortable where I was, second team, trying to work my way up. I don’t feel it should be given to me. I haven’t played any games yet; I didn’t prove anything to be on first team. It was kind of a shock but I’m glad they did it.