Bobby Meacham

Has to go.  Absolutely has to go.

He went through a period where he got people thrown out by 30 feet.  I tink he's afraid to have anyone else thrown out at home.

Now he stops people who could walk home.  The hold of Abreu at 3rd on Giambi's hit last night was awful.

I really cannot believe it.

Girardi, also is in panic mode.  What the heck was the drama last night when hw went and talked to Pena twice before pulling Jete for a pinch runner.

Well the stupidity didn't cost the game.  I'm afraid it is possible the Staff has lost the players.  You could see Giambi trying to wave Abreu home from first.  He was a very frustrated man.

There were 2 outs.  That's when you take the chance.  The throw went to second because they conceded the run, but Bobby stopped him.

I don't care that they did get the 2 out hit and score him.

Something has to change.

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