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Robbie Cano: The Time is Now to Step Up

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I've been riffling through cyberspace reading a fair share of blogs, posts, emails suggesting Robbie Cano has been dogging it like Manny did during his last few weeks in Boston.

While I completely disagree with that, there is little question Robbie isn't leaving it all on the field, and it not only concerns me, it pisses me off.

The play in Cali with the game on the line was just the latest example. Then during last night's game in Minnesota, Robbie cracked a liner to center and didn't break out of the box, but rather admired his effort before trotting down the line. Michael Kay nearly busted a brain vein calling out Cano for his lack of effort.

What is going on with Robbie? I can recall more than a few examples of him "jaking it" and I'm wondering when the Yankees brass is going to take some action. Where's Jeter? Where's Girardi stepping in and benching the star like Charlie Manuel did with Jimmy Rollins, or the way Upton was benched by Tampa for not running out a grounder.

Hustle is the easiest part of this great game, and it's not too much to ask of these millionaires playing a kids game. That's why I find Jeter and Girardi's lack of response so puzzling. Jeter has been up 7,878 times, and never once have I seen him jog down to first after hitting the ball. Jeter is the embodiment of what a baseball player should be. He's everything a Yankee should be, and he should be holding younger players accountable when they aren't hustling or respecting the game the way they should.

It's past time for Cano to step up and play the game the way it's meant to be played, and it's past time for Jeter and Girardi to make this an issue.