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Joe Girardi Continues to Over-manage the Lineup

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Just jumped over to LoHud to check out the lineups (anaconda will have the game thread up closer to game time).

Joe G. has done it again.

We're only 4 games back of the Red Sox and 3 back of the Twins for the Wild Card. 

Tonight we begin a crucial series in Minneapolis.  This really is make or break time, because if we lose ground to the Twins at this stage we might never catch them, even if we dominate the Sox.

The Twinkies are starting a pitcher with a 4.38 ERA and a ghastly 1.47 WHIP.  This a man who gives up just under 11 hits per 9 innings.  A man who strikes out fewer batters per game than the 2007 version of Mike Mussina.

But because this pitcher throws the ball with his left hand, Joe G. has taken Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi out of the lineup.

Never mind that Giambi's numbers against lefties (.247/.402/.517) are basically identical to his numbers against righties (.254/.389/.518).

Never mind that Johnny Damon has hit .363/.439/.466 over the last two weeks and would take home the batting crown if the season ended tonight.  Also ignore that his .296/.377/.426 line against lefties is better than the best week Justin Christian could dream of having at the big league level*.

*Putting Christian in left also puts Melky in center, in case the Twins needed another automatic out.

I thought we were supposed to be getting a manager who understands both the statistical and the intuitive sides of the game.