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Come on, Mo! Yanks lose 1-0

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Mariano can't keep giving up runs in tie games. He's had an incredible year so far, but walking the first batter is certain death for any reliever. He threw four straight balls to Mark T leading off, Vlad went the other way for a hit and a drawn in infield single led to the winning run. I was hoping that Veras would come out in the 9th.

Wasted was a great performance by the guy we like to rag on---Sidney Ponson.  He went seven strong innings--only getting in trouble one time and escaping a bases loaded one out hole.

Wasted was a dynamite 8th inning by Marte. He showed us why he baffles right handed hitters. His slider wraps around the outside corner for a strike and is unhittable.

Wasted was some great defense led by the Melkyman

When Abreu makes a decent catch it seems like it should make ESPN's web gems or something.

Santana was awesome as well. Flashing a 96 mph heater, he used his off speed pitches to put the Yanks away all game long and went eight scoreless innings. He has matured a great deal since being sent down to the minors last year.

Giambi can't hit a high strike anymore. He's really hurting the lineup now. They still do not have a legitimate number 5 hitter.Their situational hitting is a nightmare too. They don't move runners over in tight games.

Why is Betemit starting again? XMan is just starting to swing a hot bat and I don't think he needed a day off. Playing the lefty/righty combination is fine if you actually have a good platoon option. Wilson is not.

KRod was dealing and caught ARod looking for strike three on a 3-2 change-up as he racked up his 45th save. It couldn't have been easier.

I was hoping for a split this series, but now not getting swept is the priority. The Yanks have wasted too many good starts and it's hurting them badly. The Malocchio is stll alive.