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Yanks to celebrate 62nd Old-Timers Day

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Here's a portion of the press release:

The Old-Timers are headlined by Hall of Famers Yogi Berra, Wade Boggs, Whitey Ford, Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield and 2008 inductee Rich "Goose" Gossage. Joining the celebration are the widows of five legendary Yankees -- Arlene Howard, widow of Elston Howard; Helen Hunter, widow of Jim "Catfish" Hunter; Jill Martin, widow of Billy Martin; Diana Munson, widow of Thurman Munson; and Cora Rizzuto, widow of Phil Rizzuto.

Recently added to the Old-Timers roster are former Yankees Aaron Small, Mike Stanley and David Wells. The newcomers also include seven members of the 1996 World Championship club, including Yankees' special assistant to the general manager Tino Martinez, Pat Kelly, Jimmy Key, Graeme Lloyd, Ramiro Mendoza, Jeff Nelson and Tim Raines. Baseball's all-time stolen base leader Rickey Henderson will make his first Old-Timers' Day appearance at Yankee Stadium, along with current pitching coach Dave Eiland, former manager Buck Showalter and former coach Jeff Torborg. The first-timers are rounded out by Don Baylor, Tony Fernandez, Wayne Tolleson and current YES Network broadcaster Al Leiter.

Joining the rookie Old-Timers on the baselines will be over 50 additional former Yankees, including at least one player from each of the last 16 Yankees World Championship teams since 1947. This year's ceremonies will mark the largest number of Yankees alumni in uniform for Old-Timers' Day in the history of the event.


Here is the complete list of expected attendees:

Jim Abbott, Luis Arroyo, Steve Balboni, Jesse Barfield, Don Baylor, Yogi Berra, Paul Blair, Johnny Blanchard, Ron Blomberg, Wade Boggs, Scott Bradley, Dr. Bobby Brown, Homer Bush, Andy Carey, Chris Chambliss, Horace Clarke, Jerry Coleman, David Cone, Ron Davis, Bucky Dent, Al Downing, Brian Doyle, Dave Eiland, Tony Fernandez, Ed Figueroa, Whitey Ford, Oscar Gamble, Joe Girardi, Rich “Goose” Gossage, Eli Grba, Ken Griffey, Sr., Ron Guidry, Rickey Henderson, Arlene Howard (widow of Elston), Helen Hunter (widow of Jim), Reggie Jackson, Tommy John, Pat Kelly, Jimmy Key, Gene “Mickey” Klutts, Johnny Kucks, Don Larsen, Al Leiter, Graeme Lloyd, Hector Lopez, Kevin Maas, Jill Martin (widow of Billy), Tino Martinez, Bobby Meacham, Ramiro Mendoza, Gene Michael, Rich Monteleone, Diana Munson (widow of Thurman), Jeff Nelson, Graig Nettles, Paul O’Neill, Gil Patterson, Joe Pepitone, Tim Raines, Bobby Richardson, Mickey Rivers, Cora Rizzuto (widow of Phil), Buck Showalter, Charlie Silvera, Bill “Moose” Skowron, Aaron Small, Luis Sojo, Mike Stanley, Darryl Strawberry, Wayne Tolleson, Jeff Torborg, Mike Torrez, Tom Tresh, Bob Turley, David Wells, and Dave Winfield.



It seems almost sacrilege that the final Old-Timers Day at Yankee Stadium will be without three Yankee legends; Don Mattingly, Bernie Williams, and Willie Randolph. 

But unless there's a big surprise awaiting us on Saturday - similar to Old Timers Day in 1978 when Billy Martin came out to a thunderous ovation and announced that he would return as the Yankee manager in 1980 - it appears that there will be just a little something missing on an otherwise wonderful day of baseball.