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All Hands on Deck: Major Trade needed for a Bat

There's something not quite right about the Yankees and it has been like this for a long time. They are missing the "it" factor that the post '96 teams used to have and that thing in which the Red Sox now seem to possess. After losing to Florida in '03, the Bombers seem to have hit a wall and can't break through to get back to the series. We've seen a ton of the Kevin Brown and Flash Gordon type meltdowns for way too long, but after the "Bugs," incident with Joba last year in Cleveland, I'm convinced that the Baseball God's have put the Malocchio on this team.

If it wasn't for an act of nature, the Yanks probably would have faced Boston in the AL finals instead of looking at their cans of pest repellent. Come on, I mean when it takes an act of nature to derail a team, then there's something very freaky this way coming.

Yea, we hear all about the pitching problems and that is certainly a major priority, but I'm worried about the bats most of all because they go inexplicably into the tank for long stretches of time while their sub standard pitching keeps them in games. (Was anything as bad as their offensive collapse against Detroit two years ago in the first round?)

How many times can we look at a man on third with less then two outs and see the Yanks limp back onto the field with no runs to show for it? And it's everybody including Jeter, GIambi, ARod, Abreu and so on.

I say all hands on deck at this point outside of the three starters we have left, plus Jeter , ARod (contract), Posada and Mariano, The Yanks should be willing to move anybody, including some of their top prospects to try and break the malaise that has infected this team and bring another very good hitter into this lineup that has the "it" factor.

Matsui was doing a great job of protecting ARod  for a while when the Yanks went on their big winning streak but as soon as he went down, so did the bats. I never thought he was the answer anyway so even if Godzilla comes back it changes nothing in my eyes since he's been part of the team jinx. They will fall short again and again even when they make dramatic comebacks like they did last year until some sort of spark is brought back to this team.

Are you with me? What should they do?