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Those Red Sox fans sure are classy. Clearly the most dedicated and devote fanbase in all of professional sports.

They don't just pour mustard on your jersey and make false statements to security to get you thrown out of Fenway park...

They don't just harrass you in bars for rooting for another team...

They beat you up if you're not from the state of Massachuesettes.

Police said Saturday night's incident occurred when [Robert] Correia and others spotted a car with New York license plates leaving Falmouth's fireworks display.

Police said the group accused the man, whose children were in the car, of being a Yankees fan, then beat him and vandalized his car. The man, whose name was not released, was treated at Falmouth Hospital with non-life threatening injuries to his head and body.

That's Red Sox "Nation" for you.

h/t The Star-Ledger