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What's up with Jeter? Girardi Hot?

His first inning error set the tone for the rest of the game. Getting Manny to hit into a double play to end Boston's first plate appearance would have been a very nice way to get this game going, but Jeter throws it over Wilson's head, a run scores and Andy melts down the rest of the way. Derek usually is solid against Boston.

OK, everyone makes an error, but Jeter has been playing flat out terrible baseball most of the season. He's regarded as one of the best base runners in the league, yet  Derek was  picked off of second base that killed a rally a few weeks ago that really surprised me.  He was a guy you could count on to get that runner home from third base with less than two outs, but even he has struggled at that task of late. His overall is indicative of the team's overall play.

He was on a roll until he got hit on the wrist, but it's been a while now since then and he doesn't seem to be bothered by it so that's not flying..His .342 OBP isn't helping either.

PA pal Joel Sherman got into it with Girardi during the post game. Joe called a 30 minute team meeting as soon as they lost and visibly disgusted in the presser about their play. Sherman kept asking questions about the team meeting that Girardi refused to answer. Sherman almost made it turn confrontational when he said that there are over 4 million fans that want to know what went on in the meeting after Joe said it was private. Smoke came steaming out of Joe's ears and he used Sherman's name to repeat to Joel that it was between himself and the team.

Sherman: I'm sure the 4.5 million people that come to the games would like to know.

Girardi: It's between my team and me. (pause) Team meetings are not for everyone to hear.

Sherman: Sometimes they are?

Girardi: No, they are not.

Sherman: That's your decision.

Girardi: That's your opinion too.

Sherman: I said that's your decision, not your opinion.

That's your opinion.

Sherman: It's not really an example of you wanting to see everyone to do well at their job right to not give us any idea of what happened at your team meeting.


We can dance around this all night Joel. It's between Me and my team

I like it when reporters not suck up to players and whatnot, but Sherman's nagging sounded like he wanted Joe to fly off the handle and cause a controversy. He needs to do a better job too.

Brett Gardner is not in the starting lineup again today...