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Melancon promoted to Scranton

Mike Ashmore reports that Mark Melancon has finally been promoted to Triple-A Scranton:

Mark Melancon was 6-0 with a 1.81 ERA in 19 appearances.  He had a WHIP under one, and was striking out nearly one batter per inning.  Scranton will be the true test, and if he's lights out in August and the Yankees have a need, don't be shocked to see him in pinstripes.

Melancon has been nothing short of phenomenal all season between Tampa and Trenton, but he has already tossed 75.0 IP on the season - and that's a lot.

I wouldn't rule out a trip to the Bronx in 2008, but I wouldn't bet on it either unless the big club really becomes desperate for bullpen help.

Nonetheless, we're going to be seeing a lot of this kid in 2009 because the consensus in the organization is that he's going to be a mainstay in that Yankee bullpen for years to come.

Melancon's 2008 stats can be viewed here.