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Is Washburn Next?

Tyler Kepner checks it out.

If the Yankees trade for starter Jarrod Washburn, it will be the kind of deal they are most comfortable making. They will not sacrifice a major prospect, and their only risk will be financial.

The trade they completed Saturday was different, and unlike any they have made in recent years. To acquire outfielder Xavier Nady and reliever Dámaso Marte from the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Yankees traded solid prospects.

They kept the jewels of their system: reliever Mark Melancon and outfielder Austin Jackson, each at Class AA Trenton.

As of Saturday night, Cashman had not discussed trade parameters with the Mariners. But that could change if the Yankees want Washburn in time to start Sunday night. For now, he is scheduled to start for the Mariners in Toronto on Sunday afternoon.

I'm not a big fan of Washburn's since he left LA, although he has been pitching much better lately after a win today, Jarrod had a .293 ERA in June and has a 3.16 so far in July.

Some fun:

Let's sweeten the pot. We'll take Jarrod's contract off their hand and then we get Ichiro for Abreu, Igawa and Gardner.