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Yanks slap Boston 10 -3 as Youk cries

You'll notice that Kevin Youkilis wasn't hit by Joba with a pitch last year after two whizzed up high and neither was he hit last night, but if you listened to the Red Sox after the game you would have thought he was carted off the field. Look, throwing up high is not a good thing, but whenever the Sox hit the Yanks like Jeter and Soriano---they end up in the hospital or coming out of the game like ARod did today, but Youk, he just screams a lot.

Beckett looked like he was going to charge the mound last night from the Boston dugout, but he just cursed a lot. Joba was not throwing at him in a 1-0 game in the seventh, but it is weird that it happened. Joba said he was just trying to get a strike. Well, he did because the ball hit Youkman's bat as Joba out pitched Beckett for a 1-0 win.

Raise your hand if you thought ARod was going to get plunked.

Today was just a good thumping. Cano is on fire and hit a ball in the Boston black to tie the score as the Yanks came back from an early 2-0 hole and scored seven straight runs to put the game away.

X-Man got his first start to break the ice and Marte came in and struck out Ortiz with some sort of nasty 89 mph cutter in the seventh. In came Edwar and he ate up Manny to keep his no hit streak alive and that was the ball game.

I was watching NESN's post game last night and they were whining about Joba and the ump as well. Jim Rice said that Lowell got screwed because when he's battling Mariano the ump should only call a strike if it's right down the middle. Right. The Yanks have their in booth homers too, but these guys were ridiculous.

Coco Crisp was asked how good Joba was and he said that at least they got his pitch count up. Huh? 105 pitches in seven innings isn't working the count, but that's Coco. Remember when he got pummeled by the entire Ray's team after he charged the mound?

Damon gave us a scare, but he only cramped up and is fine. I'm sure ARod won't be able to lift his arm tonight, but Youk---he's just a little hot under the collar.