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Trades: Expect the unexpected

Can you name a network that John Heyman does not appear on?

We're all hearing the same names pop up in trade talks. Nady, Blake, Bay, Fuentes and all the rest, but I have a feeling that if the Yanks make a move in the bullpen or the outfield it will be for someone completely off the radar. I have no idea what they are thinking, but the Royals have a lefty named Ron Mahay, who has a .174 ERA.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jose Guillen dropping in either. Brett Gardner does have a lot of value to a team not in the middle of a pennant race. If he gets on base there is no way to throw him out. Speed Kills.

The A's have six lefties. Let me repeat, the A's have six lefties and I think four are relievers. I know, Embree is Embree.

Jerry Blevins, Alan Embree, Dallas Bradenand Lenny DiNardi.

The Reds have a lefty named Jeremy Affeldt and Bill Bray. The Indians have a very good lefty named Rafael Perez..

Wouldn't it be cool if Toronto or Baltimore would deal with the Yanks?  The Blue Jays do have a few catchers we could use outside of their great pitching. OK, I'm dreaming there.

Talking about catchers:

The Yankees apparently have earmarked a number of possibilities with a list that includes Rangers catcher Gerald Laird, Paul Lo Duca of the Nationals, Kansas City's Miguel Olivo, and Rod Barajas of the Blue Jays, according to a report in the Newark Star-Ledger.

Of the four, Laird has the highest batting average at .306 and the superior on-base percentage at .360, while Olivo leads the group with nine homers and 15 doubles, but Barajas has the edge with 31 RBIs.

One name that has been tossed around as possibly moving -- and one that would certainly satisfy the Yankees' style of making big acquisitions -- is Ivan Rodriguez.

Irod would only be available if the Tigers hit a losing streak right about now,

The Yanks have plenty of prospects to deal (I'm not even talking about all the injured players down below) and I think Cashman has done a fine job of building them up in the press so he can give up less to get more. Where would the Yanks be without Robertson, Veras and Edwar? I won't put in Giese just yet. Well, we'll see in six days or so. They do need to make some moves if they want to keep their playoff streak alive.

And I think Rasner could be used as trade bait if the right situation comes up. How much better would he be in the NL?

Ian Kennedy would have pitched a no hitter if not for an error in the seventh:

Those pitches were a groundout to short, a strikeout of the Richmond No. 3 hitter and a grounder to second that should have been the final out of the no-hitter. Chris Basak, of course, bobbled the ball and the rest was not quite history. Scott Thorman followed with a double that not only broke up the no-hitter, but scored the tying run, meaning Kennedy didn't even leave with a win.

But he was outstanding, and the Yankees have to know that. Coming on the heels of another seven-inning masterpiece Saturday, Kennedy has allowed four hits, one run, one walk and gotten nine strikeouts in his past 14 innings. Is he better than Darrell Rasner? Better than Sidney Ponson? Better than Jarrod Wasburn?

You've got to think the Yankees are asking themselves those questions.

I'd still take Washburn if we could get rid of Igawa.