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Matsui Rehab Decision Signal to Grab a Bat

The Daily News is reporting that Hideki Matsui has opted to rehab his chronically ailing knee rather than have season-ending surgery. Read more

The report says he's had the knee drained 4 times since the start of the season. I've talked with an orthopedic surgeon buddy of mine who believes because the decision to rehab the knee will not be successful. He pointed to the constant draining of fluid as a red-flag.

I'm not a surgeon, but this tells me the Yankees MUST make a move to land a comparable bat as Matsui's. The name Barry Bonds is out there, and would come on the cheap. His age/knees/attitude are all suspect, so perhaps Jason Bay, Raul Ibanez might be better choices?

I've heard all kinds of talk about adding an innings eater to the rotation, bolstering the bullpen, or grabbing a catcher, but if we are really serious about making a run we need to move to grab a quality bat first and foremost. Is it time to package Tabata?