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Posada may have season-ending surgery

Pete Abe has the bad but not completely unexpected news:

Bad news for Posada. He will see Dr. David Altchek tomorrow and may soon have season-ending surgery to repair the torn lambrum in his shoulder. The surgery is such that he may need to get it now to make sure he will be ready for next season.

Posada admitted that he can’t throw and that it has been bothering him all season. Joe Girardi has been saying for weeks now that Posada was improving and he could get through the season but that was obviously wishful thinking.


Obviously, 2008 has been a season to forget for Jorge Posada. 

But it's pretty clear that he was a liability behind the plate and his offense hasn't come around either.  It's probably best to shut him down for the season to ensure he'll be ready for 2009.

Johnny Damon has been activated from the DL to take Posada's place on the active roster and is in tonight's starting lineup. 

Damon will likely remain the primary DH for the next couple of weeks until his shoulder completely heals.