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Sweep! Quick Notes

Pettitte is brilliant again. 8 IP's, 9K's, 1 R and grabbed a 2-1 win. His record stands at 11-7.

We have a Cano sighting...

The Yanks are finally winning at home and are .500 on the road. I believe they are 20-19 against the east. That stat needs to change fast.

They have 23 straight tough games in a row starting at home with Minny and ending on the road at---Minny. Anyway, they need to go 4-2 in their next six before they hit Baltimore.

Bobby Meacham needs to start looking at video tape or something. I like an aggressive 3B coach, but he's sending guys who don't have a chance to score.

Bobby Abreu seems like a really nice guy, but he is the worst right fielder I have seen as an everyday player in my life wearing pinstripes. Have you ever watched a player botch more balls in only a half a season before? His play in the ninth inning was embarrassing. Not only did he drop the fly ball, but his throw sailed over Jeter's head and if ARod didn't back up the play nicely and still get a force at second base, Mo would have been in big trouble. How did he ever win a gold glove? Bobby will cost them a game soon. Outside of the injuries---his play is fueling the Pittsburgh trade rumors.

Hideki Matsui's uncertain status for the rest of the year has caused the Yankees to increase their interest in Pittsburgh outfielders Jason Bay and Xavier Nady.

A major-league official familiar with the Pirates organization, who asked not to be named because trade talks are ongoing, said the Yankees also have interest in lefty relievers Damaso Marte and John Grabow.

If they can get Marte I would be a very happy man.

Molina is a weapon behind the plate.

It's too bad that Posada is hurt. He still looks like he would hit over .300. He has that look in his eyes.

Is there trouble brewing behind closed doors? It's seeping out into the fish wraps.

Posada's not happy with Giraradi:

 Criticizing his manager isn't Jorge Posada's way, even as he spent yet another game away from his familiar spot behind the plate.
Privately, however, Posada has expressed his dissatisfaction with Joe Girardi's decision to start Jose Molina in each of the Yankees' last six games - including Thursday night's makeup game with the Pirates - according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

"I like to catch. Okay?" Posada said. "I'm in the lineup and I'm happy that I'm in the lineup, but I like to catch. I'm a catcher. I'm not a first baseman and I'm not a DH. I like to catch, so I'm looking forward to catching (today)."

Here's Damon:

Johnny Damon couldn't talk his way into today's lineup, even as he made it clear to manager Joe Girardi that he's ready for a return, as the DH.
"There is nothing more I need to do," Damon said before the Yankees' 2-1 victory over the Athletics.
Damon remains on the disabled list, hopeful he'll be activated for tomorrow night's game against Minnesota, but Girardi also said the wait could be longe