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We Need A Catcher

And I mean, someone better than Chad Moeller.

Jose Molina is closing in on his career high for games played (he's played 60, high was 78 back in 2006).  Molina has been overexposed at the plate, hitting only .219/.260/.300.  His awesome defense earns him some slack (caught 25 of 52 basestealers).

But Jose is not an attractive option for the last couple months of this season, or for next season.

Jorge has been atrocious behind the plate.  While he seems a decent game-caller, his arm has always been his weakness.  Since his return from the DL it's gone from a weakness to a liability.  He's caught only 7 of 41 (17%).

So as the trade deadline approaches, I'm not really looking at starters.  There's not enough out there to be worth the price.  We've got one of the best (if unsexy) bullpens in baseball, with more relievers fighting for time at AAA.  I'd love to go get a centerfielder, but I think the catching market has more options.


  • Kenji Johjima is not an improvement.
  • Saltamachia (whom many of salivated over last season) has shown a good eye, but little ability to make contact (the Braves always seem to know which players to trade and which to keep).
  • I wonder what the demands for free agent-to-be Ivan Rodriguez would be.  His bat has been good this year, and his defense remains strong.  Paul O'Neill tells the stories about loving to hit when Pudge was behind the plate because he always got fastballs with basestealers on, so I'd want Joe G. calling pitches from the dugout.
  • Could we get Kelly Shoppach from the Indians?  He's offensively adequate (around .250/.300/.420 the last 3 seasons), and a defensive stud.  We send Molina, money, and some A or AA B-prospects.
  • Is it worth looking into Paul LoDuca?