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What was Girardi thinking? Quick Notes

Melky hasn't had a hit in what seems like weeks and the Yanks have the tying run at first with no outs in the bottom of the ninth so we know what's coming. Melky is a very good bunter so the obvious play is to put the tying run on with Damon and the pinch hitting Jeter coming up.

Wait, he took a strike on the first pitch. Say, what? Am I seeing things?

I got me off the couch and picked up my cigar. You can't let him swing away, right? OK, he'll bunt now. I blinked and it was 0-2.

Come on, you gotta be kidding me. At this point I was hoping he would just hit a weak dribbler down the 3B line or fly out---heck just strike out and pass it on, but no---he hits into a tailor made double play and ends the Yankee threat. Just another awful loss in the Bronx. What is a home field advantage again?

Girardi's excuse that the lefties weren't swinging the bats so he left it up to Melky and hoped he could get a hit to make it first and third was absurd. Damon is hitting .320; who cares if he walks Jeter to get to Abreu. Get men on base and put the pressure on Texas. This on the job training is painful.

It was unwatchable baseball again. Joba couldn't find the strike zone, but because he has great stuff he only gave up two runs after four bad innings.

On the plus side, Giese looks much better in the bullpen---Robertson went two and showed nice stuff and Veras is still on a roll.

The hitters were in a coma with runners in scoring position as usual.

Does Damon have to get five hits a game now?

Abreu used to be automatic at driving in a runner from 3B with one out. Not anymore.

The loss of Matsui has really put the team in an offensive funk.

Posada got a couple of hits, but still seems to be in a fog at the plate. He just looks uncomfortable. Jorge is a defensive liability also since he can't throw anymore. Kinsler took 3B and the game after doubling off Mo to left with no outs.

How about this bold move. Girardi could have PH Jeter for Melky and then moved Brett into center.

Rivera was bound to give up a run. It should have been a save situation instead of a tie game.

In the fourth after finally pushing across a run against Texas, Betemit struck out and Melky popped up to end another threat with two men on base.

Another blown opportunity to gain ground on Boston.

If they win tomorrow it still won't wash out the terrible taste in my mouth,