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Yanks win 4-3 in 12! Quick Notes

This is what I started to write as the bottom of the ninth inning began:

Nice waste of 4 hours

Yanks lose 3-2. Another awful game. Just brutal.

When have you seen a base stealer fall down before?

No run support for Joba again who pitches very well and gets a no decision. Another wasted game by the starters.

Veras, who has been excellent---throws a down the middle two strike pitch that  is hit for a double and blows up the inning. Wild pitches the tying run in. 0-2, 1-2

Yes, Rivera isn't as good in tie situations unless it's a playoff game.

Posada has to be taken out of the catcher spot late in games if they are close. With Betemit playing first, just move him there. Of course, if he was hitting a little bit that wouldn't be bad either. His throws don't even reach second base. Two easy steals in the ninth won't cut it anymore.

Cano is on fire finally and Abreu seems to be getting his eye back.

Jeter's wrist must be bothering him. He hasn't played worst baseball for this long in his career.

Cashman needs to get a good hitting outfielder in here fast. We know he loves the prospects and so do we, but they all aren't going to be winners.

I was going to do a mid season report card but why bother.

Girardi handled the bullpen well, but made some very weird moves. C-

Fist half MVP is a tie: Mussina/Rivera

Who would have thunk that with two outs and nobody on base the Yanks would have tied the score against Street? Cano doubles and Wilson drives him in. Gardner could have won it there, but he popped up to third to send the game into extra innings.

Edwar gets out of trouble in the top of the 10th,

Sexon strikes out with two on and one out in the 10th after working the count to 3-2. Molina makes his usual out. Two more runners left on.

Edwar dominates the 11th.

Cano rips his 4th hit. A diving catch in left robs Melky of a game winner. Gardner makes the third out again.

Gardner makes a fine leaping catch in left to start the inning. Robertson pitches out of a jam afterwards.

Jeter singles to open the inning and the1B ump blows a swinging bunt by Abreu who beat the throw, but was called out.

Intentional walk to ARod, Sexon works a walk to load them up. I was thinking of  a squeeze play because Molina has such a weak stick.

DiNardo hits Molina to win the game! OMG...He actually took one for the team as he didn't move and the ball hit him in the knee.

Well, it wasn't a waste of my time after all. This kind of win can really get a team going.

UPDATE: Boston loses 4-2!