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Get Sexon NOW

I cant stand seeing Wilson Betemit in the lineup constantly playing 1B anymore. Sure, he'll hit a HR once in a while, but he's a rally killer who can't field the position. Richie Sexon can platoon with Giambi and start against left hand pitchers that have dominated this team.

Sexon is batting .344 against left handers this year:

61AB's, 21 HITS, 5 HR's, 12 RBI's, .423 OBP, .623 SLG

He's awful against right handed pitching so he'd be a lefty specialist/PH. And he's a decent fielder. And he wouldn't cost us a prospect either so if Sexon is available to Cashman---he should pick him up. That is unless Mark Teixeira falls into our laps.