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Now Leading Off, the Centerfielder, Johnny Damon

Newyorkyankeesvlosangelesangelsanah_medium After a red hot start, Melky Cabrera has collapsed.

He's hitting .244/.305/.353.

For the good of the Yankees, for the good of the country, for the good humanity, it's time to put Johnny Damon back in centerfield.

Matsui isn't coming back anytime soon, and Giambi has shown he can play firstbase regularly.  This opens up the DH spot for a power bat, and allows us the flexibility to start Gardner or to go after a rental left fielder.

 There are several potent left fielders available for trade, and potentcy is a quality this team sincerely lacks (four starters slugging under .400, four).

If this team is going anywhere, it needs to score some runs.  They've averaged just under three runs a game for a week now.  Maybe they'll shake out of it on their own; maybe Cano is getting going, maybe Jeter is one good stretch from looking like his old self, maybe Giambi and Arod will play homerun derby with AL pitching in the second half.

But I think it's time to shake this team up.